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Sync and transfer any size content anywhere – Fast, Simple, Secure


What Is SymplyCONVEYOR

SymplyCONVEYOR is a Full-featured file transfer and sync solution for Mac, Windows, Linux workstations and the SymplyULTRA.   It provides a simple and effective means to Replicate workflows, jobs, archives or assets between locations quickly.


Intended Applications

SymplyCONVEYOR is designed for media companies that have to move large files and are hampered by slow protocols that are not optimized for large file movement.


While SymplyCONVEYOR cannot make a slow internet or intranet connection faster, it can take full advantage of the available bandwidth.


As a sync tool, SymplyCONVEYOR can provide multi-site replication of content for archive and disaster recovery purposes.  Because it can work peer-to-peer and unattended, it’s a set and forget operation with minimal user oversight required.


Approved Modes of Operation

  1. Two-way Sync

  2. Send-only File Transfer

  3. Receive-only File Transfer​​

Each of these modes can be full file system or specific folders.

The node settings are very powerful  and flexible, you should consider which specific  configuration works for your deployment. 

The possible configurations are:

1.  Order the pull  (random, alphabetic, smallest first, largest first, oldest first, newest first)

2. Automatically watch for changes (and set the scan interval) or manual sync trigger through

3. Use regex style pattern matching for ignoring files/folders/typesSync/push/pull to one site or many


It should be noted it is possible to chain nodes with different sync options

send only without versioning to DR site

send & receive with collaborator (or use INBOX/OUTBOX watch folders)

receive only from off-site shoot with versioning

Important Considerations

SymplyCONVEYOR requires your network and internet connection to be highly optimized in order to achieve the best results; it is not a drag & drop install


We require a complete pre-install document (here) completed, not to worry we will help you complete it if needed


Installation is a concierge service performed by trained technicians and requires access to your network and primary workstation usually on each end of the connection   it takes time,  the process is involved.

Keep this in mind during the install -

• The technician will need to run commands on your computer and all the nodes to be part of your SymplyCONVEYOR network


• Some commands or techs need to perform require elevated user access (admin or root)


• Our technicians are trained professionals, you can trust them to take the utmost care

• SymplyCONVEYOR needs access through your firewall port 22000 TCP/UDP at every site you’re installing a node.


• SymplyCONVEYOR uses a point-to-point (peer-to-peer) connection, you'll need static IPs internally on your LAN and either a static ISP public IP or a DynDNS hostname assigned to your dynamically assigned ISP IP, our techb=nicains can explain how to obtain this, but best done before we start the install



Installation Readiness

Our objective is to provide the smoothest, quickest, and most effective installation. In order to ensure that we ask that you put some time in Before the installation and consider what your goals and objectives are.

If needed, please arrange consultation ahead of time with one of our technicians

We have found the fastest and most successful installation follow this simple formula:


1. Allocate enough time - typical installs take approx. 30-45 mins per node

2. Identify and make available the computer workstations to be used as nodes

  - every node installation is a concierge installation process

  - every node must have access to the files you wish to share


3. if you have specific security concerns, discuss them ahead of install


4. install and configure TeamViewer (  Make sure you provide access for TeamViewer to record the screen, have disk access, and keyboard access. Instructions can be found here.

NOTE: If you prefer another remote access application, let us know.  We have access to many different ones, although TeamViewer is our preferred option.


5. know the admin credentials for the nodes to be installed


6. know any permissions limitations ahead of time as SymplyCONVEYOR needs to allow a non-privileged, local user to have access to the files you're going to sync.



Security Concerns

SymplyCONVEYOR is a very secure peer-to-peer accelerated transfer solution. When the installation is completed using the following our recommendations, we see the best results.


To provide assurance we will not compromise the security of your network we follow these rules:


A, We create a local, non-privileged user account

  - processes run as non-privileged users (without elevated system privileges)

  - password can be changed without issue

B. We create a port forward from your firewall mapped to the SymplyCONVEYOR node on your LAN (port 22000) This necessary.

 NOTE: not having this greatly reduces network performance of SymplyCONVEYOR


C. We gather the MAC addresses of each node and store this in our Auth0 application to aid authentication and authorization of your purchase