You Have Workflow Questions – We Have Answers
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Building or updating a media workflow can be a challenging task. Even pro's with years of experience can find it hard to choose the best products and services needed to derive the maximum efficiency out of their facility especially with today's ever evolving technology.

While it's all about storytelling, you have to consider budgets and support.

Not to worry, Symply is here to help.  Whether you are a pro looking to refresh or stand up a new facility, or a talented creative looking for the best value, we have the products and solutions you need. 

We are always available for in-depth one to one consultation, but you can start by looking at the products and solutions on our website.

Choose the category that closest suits your needs and lets get started:

Independents under 8 editors, ad agency, sports team, house of worship, post production workgroup, DIT, on-site production  – check out  SymplyWORKSPACE

Post Facility, broadcast workgroup, larger independent, Xsan user, film or TV studio, reality TV producer – check out  SymplyULTRA II

What is Media Workspace – Why Do I Need It?

Modern media workflows involve many processes, from Ingest to WIP, to Delivery, and Archive. With tighter deadlines and lower production costs, we are often asked to do more for less. In many cases processes are being completed following antiquated linear or analog approaches. This is often the case because the workflow is dictated by the tools being used. Today finding great and inexpensive software suites is not the problem, but maintaining an inflexible storage infrastructure is. Far too often this is a result of many iterations of the infrastructure being layered on as storage capacity and performance needs change. It gets to the point where it actually limits creativity and productiveness. This situation is rampant in media production environments from Post to broadcast and experienced often where in-house production is done. 

Media Workspace is a modern approach to the problem that eliminates the compromises production teams need to make in order to meet new production needs such as 4K, HDR, ProRes RAW, and multiple resolution ingest and delivery requirements. By removing the roadblocks associated with a one size fits all connectivity strategy, and "bolt-on" or "purpose-built" solutions, you can end the constant progression of disruptive upgrades and management of mis-matched storage systems. 

The SymplyULTRA II Media Workspace makes modernizing your workflow easy and provides simpler and easier deployment, maintenance, and upgrades, to ensure you never have to turn away work, or miss deadlines. The versatile SymplyULTRA II design lets you choose the right interconnectivity, performance, and capacity you need today and in the future, and with a single at-a-glance management console, you can manage and configure your workspace from around the office or around the world. And, keeping everything running at peak efficiency has never been easier using SymplyRTM (Real Time Management). Best of all, SymplyULTRA II is affordable to own and provides the power of the industry's best sharing software, Quantum StorNext® 6, which is embedded in SymplyULTRA II.